Services of the institute

Dienstleistungen und Services

The Institute TakeCare offers the following services:

  • Conception of MONITOR’s for specific healthcare sectors
  • Conception of reports regarding the supply-quality in healthcare sectors or indications
  • Development of  outcome reports in healthcare sectors or indications
  • Creation of NAVIGATOR expert-reports
  • Conception of benchmark-studies, best practice concepts or key performance indicators
  • Compliance-studies, adherence-strategies, SDM-concepts
  • Market analysis and trend scenarios in terms of health economics
  • Empirical pricing-studies for pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Contentment surveys of patients and insurants
  • Conception and organization of surveys regarding relevant healthcare-issues
  • Conception and organization of workshops, training & coaching as well as tutorials for specific issues

The conception and realization is done by scientific professionals of the institute as well as professionals from cooperating organizations, such as universities or universities of applied sciences. To receive the best methodic quality, an interdisciplinary attempt is made regarding the issue.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact:

PD Dr. rer. pol. Christoph von Rothkirch
Phone: 040 - 854 0291-03 / 040 - 18 07 33 64