NAVIGATOR Expert-Reports

The NAVIGATOR Expert-Reports are an innovative range of information of the ITC – Institute TakeCare. An interactive presentation enables an innovative approach of facts and data representation and thereby a more detailed and more in-depth information transfer than with a standard print version. Moreover a comprehensive executive summary in MS Word is provided.

Information at your fingertips“ is the solutions name in the NAVIGATOR Expert-Reports. The user has all relevant instruments (relevant information) in sight, like a pilot in an airplane cockpit. In a maximum of four levels, one can navigate from the surface (information synthesis) to the original source or to the literature citations. Information can be selectively shown while others stay faded out. The user can switch between different content-levels without losing the common theme and overview. In contrast to the classical print version with just one medial input level, the NAVIGATOR Expert-Reports has a visual, auditory and as the circumstances require an animated content. Nevertheless the classical print version is provided for you in the form of a comprehensive executive summary, too.

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