The MONITOR Payer 2013 is the fifth version and it is connecting to the success story of the previous versions. The current MONITOR Payer from the Institute TakeCare analy-ses and presents the relevant facts and data of the 55 most important statutory health insurances (SHI) and the 19 most important private health insurances (PHI). It is provi-ding a unique transparency of the payer-market in Germany to the reader. In total, the MONITOR Payer covers more than 97% of the SHI-insured persons and 94% of the private insured.

A structured profile of the insurances offers the reader a direct comparison and depicts the position and the focus of the payers at first sight. Every SHI and PHI insurance is dis-played on 4 pages in a structured framework for better comparison:

  • Company address and names of important managers
  • Important key figures of the financial situation
  • Main care provisions
  • Pharmaceutical contracts
  • Optional tariffs and tariff programs
  • Special services for insurants
  • Grading of established rating agencies

The basis of the facts are statements from the insurances such as annual reports or other company reports, publications from statistical ministries, the health ministry and rating agencies. Targeted company- and press requests complete the data basis.


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