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The empirical scientific Institute TakeCare GmbH was founded in the year 2007 in Hamburg, Germany. Main focus is the applied healthcare research. Periodic reports concerning structure, process and result quality (Outcomes) for different indications and healthcare sectors are generated in the institute (MONITOR’s). Therefore, the reality, quality and costs of healthcare provision are the key topic areas of the institute’s work.

Primary data are raised systematically by telephone-interviews, mailings and written surveys. Available secondary data in the field of healthcare are raised by desk research. The institute publishes appropriate national and international publications.

ITC - Institut Takecare
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Another focus is orphan diseases as well as orphan drugs. At this specific topic the Institute TakeCare offers comprehensive consulting for international clients.

The range of service covers the development of integral marketing strategies, the assis-tance of applications, dossiers and processes and further steps in the AMNOG procedure, the companion of the price negotiations with the Central Federal Association of Health Insurance Funds (SpiBu) as well as the development of contracts concerning market-entry-agreements (MEA).

The treatment of specific question and the provision as well as the generation of client specific solutions in terms of patient-marketing (Hotline) and Market Access for phar-maceuticals, medical devices, genetic tests and ATMP’s in the outpatient and/or inpa-tient sector belong to the field of activity.

The institute handles the whole medical value chain from prevention onto the hospice care.