Stakeholder Mapping & Management

Systematic and sustainable stakeholder communication for
companies, products and indications

  • What are the relevant stakeholders for a company or product?
  • How is the identification and ranking of stakeholders made?
  • Which dependencies regarding to influence and relevance are there for stakeholders?
  • Which programs and key messages should be transported?
  • How can a company guide the identified stakeholders sustainable?

Stakeholder Mapping

Module I: Stakeholder database and mapping

Module I is the essential base and includes the identification and description of the relevant company-specific or indication-specific stakeholders. Another additional option are stakeholder cards, which allow a clear overview of a database.

Module II: Stakeholder management

The stakeholder management includes an appropriate communication concept for the company-specific or indication-specific stakeholders, who have been defined by module I. The communication concept contains targets, instruments, programs and controlling.

Modul III: Stakeholder content

This module depicts in addition to module I and II the content of the stakeholder communication. Relevant fields of attention are framing, agenda setting, issue selling, key messages and key visuals.
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