The ITC - Institute TakeCare supports applications for the new innovation fund according to §§ 92 a und b SGB V

Hamburg, 18th January 2016

The Innovation Fund will be funded with 300 million Euros per year for a period of 4 years (2016 to 2019).  From this amount of money 225 million Euros will be dedicated to inno-vative and integrated healthcare delivery projects. The remaining 75 million Euros per year will be reserved for innovative healthcare research projects.

Many of the details concerning the application, the forms and the data necessary are not yet clear today. The federal committee (G-BA) will come up with further details soon. So it will be worth to be among the first applications.

The Institute TakeCare supports your applications for healthcare research as well as your applications targeted at new forms of integrated healthcare delivery.

A) Innovative integrated healthcare delivery projects

  • We will check the degree of innovation of your proposal
  • We will check the proof of concept
  • We will check the evidence and the clinical relevance of your proposal
  • We support finding the right project partners for your proposal (Payers and healthcare providers)
  • We support your application in all relevant details

B) Innovative healthcare research projects

  • We will check the underlying concept of healthcare research
  • We will check the data availability and the access to the needed data
  • We will check the feasability of your research project
  • We support the cooperation with institutions, public bodies and other suitable project partners
  • We support your application in all relevant details