MONITOR Physician's Networks

Since more than 15 years physician's, therapists, hospitals and other actors in the health-care system team up in networks to provide a broad and comprehensive treatment to their patients. General practitioner networks, mixed or specialist doctor networks took in the last years a more and more important role in the German healthcare system.  

The MONITOR Physician's Networks 2011 is now published in the second version. Currently more than 800 networks could be identified by our professionals. 250 networks found their entry into the MONITOR Physician's Networks, while 50 were excluded due to liquidation or not meeting our requirements. To provide the most accurate result in the MONITOR in future, extending the facts to cover the whole country is the current task. Following categories characterize the profiles of the Physician's Networks:

  • Company structures of the network; legal form, structures and financing
  • Service offers, patient-services, medical range of services
  • Quality Management, quality circle, quality reports
  • EPD of the network: Software, EPA as well as data management in the network
  • Contracts with the SHI and PHI funds
  • Contracts and cooperation with other healthcare providers and institutions
  • Self-presentation of the network

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The MONITOR Physician's Networks 2011 offers qualified, compact and well-structured information for the empirical healthcare research in the outpatient medical care. The rapid increase of selective contracts makes it necessary for the SHI and PHI funds as well as for the pharmaceutical and medical device companies to get into contact with selected partners in the healthcare sector and possible contract partners. To approach and choose appropriate healthcare partners, the MONITOR Physician's Network offers a qualified transparency platform for all interested parties.

Besides the expert-made profiles of the most important doctor networks in all federal states in Germany, the MONITOR Physician's Networks contains an address list with all of the more than 800 networks. Basis information, organization, finance, healthcare management, direct contracts and cooperation’s belong to the content of the MONITOR. A self-presentation rounds off the particular company profile.

The MONITOR Physician's Networks 2011 is made for the pharmaceutical industry, SHI and PHI funds as well as medical device manufacturer, healthcare providers and everyone, who wants to get a detailed overview of the German healthcare sector.