MONITOR Medical Centers (MVZ)

More than 1.750 medical centers were founded in Germany after the Gesundheitsmo-dernisierungsgesetz (GMG) took effect at 01.01.2014. Since then, approximately 70 MVZ’s are founded per quarter. They have established as an innovative care supplier.

Since 2010 the first version of MONITOR Medical Centers is available with compact company profiles of the most important MVZ’s. The stepwise extension of this report guarantees its actuality. The MONITOR Medical Centers offers the first tool for qualified and structured information about this model of care provider. It delivers a compilation of 180 in Germany approved medical centers with more than 6 physicians, split in two volumes (North/South). The information is based on data and facts processed by pro-fessionals into a structured design. The data is gathered from reports by the MVZ’s, such as annual reports or press handouts, websites and information from organizations and expert panels.
For those MVZ’s with more than 6 physicians, the MONITOR contains on 2-6 pages each:

  • Address and relevant contacts
  • Medical focus
  • Names and specialties of the physicians
  • Organizational structure and financial key figures
  • Contracts with insurances (SHI and PHI)
  • Overview of the medical services
  • Information about the quality management
  • Special services

Monitor Medical Center (MVZ)

The MONITOR MVZ provides the possibility to compare the different MVZs fast and efficient and to extract the important data.

It includes an EXCEL-file with the addresses and most important contacts of the MVZs, which completes the whole product to a solid base for individual distribution and marketing actions.