MONITOR Hospitals

This data product was developed in cooperation with our partner INSIGHT Health GmbH & Co KG. Quality reports of the approx. 2,000 German hospitals provide the data base of the KLINIKSPIEGEL. The KLINIKSPIEGEL is based on the structured quality reports for acute hospitals and is updated once a year. The new version for 2016 is in progress.

MONITOR Klinikspiegel

The KLINIKSPIEGEL points out the number of diagnosis (ICD-10), of inpatient procedures (OPS) as well as the number of the outpatient procedures (OPS) in each specialty department for all German acute hospitals.

Primary used as a tool for quality management, the structured quality reports gain in impor-tance for the market analysis. According to §137 SGB V, these reports have to be published on the internet once a year. With the extensive actual data, the structured quality reports become an important source for the sales force management of the industry, whose products are used in the hospitals to identify competitive insights, to determine their own position and navigate specifically. Not only the industry, but also the hospital management can use these data to gain important competitive knowledge. To analyze the bulky quality reports, the information service provider INSIGHT Health has developed a KLINIKSPIEGEL based on the quality reports 2010. Overall the data of about 1,900 acute hospitals is available in this data base and can be selected into levels of care (e.g. maximum, basic and regular care, specialty hospital, university hospital), or into federal states and regions. With this tool the user gets access to the data of nearly 90 percent of all acute hospitals.
The KLINIKSPIEGEL operates on the user interface of the approved and by INSIGHT Health continual refined analyzer-software. With this efficient and comfortable analysis tool, the outcomes can be modeled, formatted or transcribed into graphic representations arbitrary. It allows the user to design its own individual reports.

The new MONITOR Hospitals will available from the second quarter 2016.