Research and consultancy focus of the institute

Research focus

  • Empirical foundation of the current realities in healthcare focused on services areas, regions and/or indications
  • Surveys on structure-, process- and outcome-quality of healthcare
  • Investigation of over- and under-supply and misuse
  • Elaboration of differences in healthcare-quality – SHI versus PHI
  • Implications of the AMNOG-procedure for orphan drugs and the supply-quality of involved patients with an orphan disease
  • Development of benchmark-trials and best-practice-concepts
  • Identification of market development, trends and shift of interests
  • Development of concepts to enhance adherence, compliance or shared-decision-making concepts

Consultancy focus

  • Development of strategic roadmaps for market access and reimbursement in Germany
  • Conception of value dossiers for orphan drugs, medical devices and ATMP‘s
  • Concepts for understanding particular reimbursement-issues in both outpatient and hospital sector
  • Hotline for different issues, in particular reimbursement support for innovations
  • Development of stakeholder mappings and programs
  • Conception of tariffs and/or supply concepts for SHI/PHI
  • Multi-dimensional pricing studies in Germany and EU
  • Strategic workshops with focus on market access using the following navigators:
    • Market Access ATMPs
    • Market Access Orphan Drugs